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Hjem > 11-Imrun`s Tom Bombadil

 Tom til våre hunder.JPG
Imrun`s Tom Bombadil - TomTom
Born: 27th March 2012
Breeder: Kennel Imrun
Owner: Kennel Imrun
& Kennel Ceterra
Tom`s pedigree & offspring

3dflags_can0001-0007a.gif  Canadian Champion 11th May 2014     

3dflagsdotcom_norwa_2fags.gif  Norwegian Champion 25th June 2014


12573662_10153320562261036_7082947410515517200_n.jpg  11904716_10152932686916036_8146193979874893985_n.jpg



TomTom and Sherry


Pictures of TomTom taken of KEEPhoto. TomTom is here 2 years old

Tom hos fotograf.jpg  Tom hos fotograf2.jpg

TomTom 1 year old

Tom 1 år -003.JPG  Tom 1 år -004.JPG

TomTom 10 months old

Tom januar 2013-001.JPG Tom2 januar 2013-002.JPG Tom3 januar 2013-001.JPG

TomTom 7 months old

IMG_1530.JPG  IMG_1550.JPG  IMG_1573.JPG

TomTom 6 months old

Here I am 15 weeks old


 10 weeks old                                                9 weeks old

Imrun`s Tom Bombadil 10 weeks .jpg  Imrun`s Tom Bombadil 9 weeks old-01.JPG

Here I am 8 weeks old and as you can see I can dance, eat on mums bushes and run in the garden
Rosie`s pups 8 weeks 3-03.JPG Rosie`s pups 8 weeks 4-04.JPG Rosie`s pups 8 weeks 7-07.JPG

7 weeks old

Imrun`s Tom Bombadil.jpg

5 weeks old                                  All three of us 3 weeks old   
Rosie`s pups 5 weeks - Second born-001.JPG  Rosie`s pups 3 weeks -01.JPG